anon sent me this soooooooooo ya music tag


  1. Empty Space-The Story So Far
  2. Fancy-Iggy Azalea (i love her i cant help it)
  3. You-The 1975
  4. So Far(It’s Alright)-The 1975
  5. Beside You-5sos
  6. Heart Attack-Man Overboard
  7. Playing the Victim-The Story So Far
  8. Suppy-Man Overboard
  9. Try Hard-5sos
  10. Montrose-Man Overboard
  11. M.A.A.D-Kendrick Lamar (dont judge the bass in my car is rlly good and it sounds cool)
  12. Pressure-The 1975 
  13. Drunk in Love-Beyonce (again, bass)
  14. Finger Back-Vampire Weekend
  15. Boy Without Batteries-Man Overboard
  16. Open Season-Man Overboard
  17. Step-Vampire Weekend
  18. Worship You-Vampire Weekend
  19. Wide Awake-Man Overboard
  20. What I like about You-5sos

(its time for me to come to terms with the amount of Man Overboard i listen to) im sorrry

its so weird that im the same age as these boys that i look up too??? like they are doing what i hope to do and idk i feel like im falling behind im sad 

ugh the ONLY reason i don’t have an actual job is because of freaking anxiety and i HATE it

like i am a really responsible and smart person but i can’t call or do interviews because i will make myself physically sick thinking about everything that could go wrong and what they would possibly think about me and it’s terrible i need help 

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